About TUBETEC composites

TUBETEC is the culmination of a challenge that inspired a solution that became a breakthough composite molding process.

For the better part of a decade, our founder, Javier Carbi and his brother, renowned architect Alberto Carbi, were challenged because there seemed to be no process to mold a curved, strong and beautiful composite tube. Their designs screamed for such a tube, be it in fiberglass or carbon fiber, but they could not find anyone who could achieve what they sought. Repeatedly, Javier and Alberto were told “not possible” or were quoted exorbitant tooling and setup costs.

So they took matters into their own hands. A decade-long effort to solve this problem resulted in the TUBETEC process, a patent-pending closed molding technique that represents a tremendous breakthrough in composite tubular molding.

Javier and all of us at the TUBETEC family are excited about how we can help premium manufacturers innovate and improve their products.


TUUCI is the world’s premier manufacturer of high-performance shade products. They’re known for designs which are both incredibly stylish and durable. TUUCI’s unending quest to improve their designs led them to Javier and the possibilities of how TUBETEC could improve their shade products.

Inspired by TUBETEC’s manufacturing prowess, TUUCI didn’t just become a customer, they became an investor. We are proud to call them a partner in this venture. Please visit www.tuuci.com to learn more.

What’s in it for you:

Our commitment is to working in unison with each and every customer to help them improve their product. We are focused on supporting:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Unique needs
  • Varying volume
  • Cost effective approach

Executive team

Javier Carbi

Javier is the founder TUBETEC Composites. He and his brother, renowned architect, artist and inventor Alberto Carbi, developed the TUBETEC process. Javier has a degree in Yacht and Boat Design – Council Engineering (Naval Architect)- from Southampton/Solent University, Southampton, England. Born in Argentina, Javier has lived around the world, and today is proud to be a US citizen and at home in Miami, FL. In 2000, he joined Pipewelders Marine, working closely with founder and industry icon George Irvine Jr. At Pipewelders, Javier was directly involved in more than 2,000 custom composite jobs on everything from cutting edge sportfishing boats to multimillion-dollar yachts. With more than 30 years’ experience in the composites world, Javier is ready to assist you in designing, prototyping and producing the composite tubes, parts and structures you need to make your product stronger, lighter and more appealing to your customer.

Will Crook

TUBETEC welcomed Will Crook to the team in June, 2019 as the Chief Development Officer. Although he is trained and licensed as a CPA, it is Will’s experience in growing businesses as varied as ski resorts, aircraft manufacturing, natural attractions and software that qualifies him to help launch TUBETEC. His personal passion and experience in composites—whether that’s building his own airplane, restoring boats, or dabbling in epoxy art— make Will a perfect fit.  Will’s job is to make sure you get you the information you need, and that TUBETEC is always your most responsive partner and vendor.